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Opportunities for commercial, office, residential and specialty leasing are available at Zona Rosa. Use the following contact information to inquire.  Please provide as much detail as possible about your business, space needs and desired move-in date in order to speed the response to your inquiry.

For retail, restaurant or entertainment venue space leasing information, contact Jim Davis, Vice President of Leasing for Olshan Properties at (317) 805-4854. You may also send email regarding commercial leasing by using our Contact form on this website.

Prime office space is available at Zona Rosa. Abundant parking during business hours, access to great dining choices within walking distance for lunch and after work entertaining, convenient shopping for business and personal supplies nearby.

Contact:  (816) 842-2690                                        
Miles McCune / Jim Gates   
Cushman & Wakefield | Kessinger Hunter   www.kessingerhunter.com    
Managed by Olshan Properties

Zona Rosa offers you the flexibility to lease space throughout the year or just during your company's peak selling season. This effort provides the opportunity for retailers to market your product or service in a kiosk or in-line location and expand your existing business, capitalize on a hot trend, or test a new product.

To inquire about Short-Term, Seasonal Leasing opportunities at Zona Rosa please email Scott Wides at swides@olshanproperties.com or call 317-805-4852.  Please provide your contact information and the type of use you will be offering and he will respond to you shortly. 

For information regarding leasing loft apartment space at Zona Rosa, contact Melissa Merkys, Residential Manager, at (816) 505-1146 . You may also use our Contact form on this website to provide your name and mailing address.  You will receive information via regular mail in the near future describing options that will be offered in the coming months.

Zona Rosa is partnering with several franchisors who are highly interested in locating at the town center.  Together we are looking for qualified franchisees to open at Zona Rosa.  Prospective candidates will receive high priority and consideration during the application process.  Please use the contact information and links listed below to make your initial contact with the franchisor.  If a franchise you are interested in is not currently listed, please let us know and check back as we will be updating this list with new approved franchise concepts.


Salad Creations Dominick Voso
(954) 590-2467 
San Gelato Café Rich DeMerchant
(888) 435-2767 - email
Planet Beach Contempo Spa James Reed
(504) 297-1480 - email
Nestle Toll House Café by Chip Scott McIntosh
(214) 281-8069 - email
Coffee Beanery Stacy Peterson
1-888-385-2326 -



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